Lavender Sachets - Set of 6

Lavender Sachets - Set of 6

Dried Lavender flowers in 3" x 4" hand stamped muslin sacks. These are lovely little bags with lots of wonderful uses. Great for gifts, bridal or baby shower favors, wedding favors (use instead of bird seed for wedding toss) dresser drawers, stinky shoes, car fresheners, dryer bags, party favors, and more! Toss one into a nice warm bath to help you sleep.

Lavender is a beautiful garden herb that induces a feeling of calm. Just smelling it can put you into a more peaceful and blissful state state of mind. This herb has natural healing properties including:

1. Lavender oil has antiseptic properties. 
2. Lavender is calming in stressful situations (flying, meetings with boss, public speaking, etc.) 
3. Lavender reduces anxiety and other nervous conditions. 
4. Lavender can help you sleep better
5. Lavender can help with headaches and nausea
6. Lavender can help calm overactive children
7. Lavender can repel insects including fleas



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