Bath Salts / Authentic Hawaiian Sea Salt Baths / One Time Use / Shower Favor

Bath Salts / Authentic Hawaiian Sea Salt Baths / One Time Use / Shower Favor

✿  Item Description  ✿
Build your own sampler sets!  These are made with authentic Hawaiian Sea Salt, and either pure essential oils or fragrances - put your sent choice(s) in the 'Personalization' box!.  Choose either a perfume, aromatherapy blend, or essential oil blend!  Samples are 1/2 ounce and come in a recyclable* blue foil zip bag.   

✿ These little one-time use/samples are perfect for:

-- Try before you buy
-- Small thank you gifts
-- Gifts for Co-workers
-- Shower/Party/Wedding Favors
-- Travel size
-- To share with BFF's
-- Buy several and make a little gift box/basket of them
-- Stocking Stuffers / Secret Santa Gift
-- Teacher Gift

✿ Benefits of Hawaiian Salt Bath ✿  
Sea salts contain 60 trace minerals - which can be absorbed into the body simply by soaking in a tub of warm water and some sea salts.  Sea salt is known for its health-enhancing minerals and therapeutic properties and may stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps, help relieve stiffness in joints, soothe arthritis or back pain, and relieve achy, overworked legs and feet.  
Soaking in a sea salt bath helps you to relax and destress from a long day, thereby helping you to sleep better.  Sea salt helps rejuvenation of the cells cleanse and detoxify the largest organ in the body—your skin.  

Major minerals found in sea salt include: 
--Magnesium - combats stress and fluid retention 
--Calcium - prevents water retention and increases circulation  
--Potassium - energizes the body and helps to balance skin moisture 
--Bromides - eases muscle stiffness and relaxes muscles
--Sodium – detoxifies and exfoliates off dead skin cells

✿  Scents available:  (EO = Essential Oil(s), F = Fragrance)

Coconut (F)
Coconut Kiwi (F) 
Energizing (EO)
Flower Lei (F)
Fresh Fruit (F)
Gardenia (F)
Ginger Lime (EO)
Guava (F)
Guava Fig (F)
Headache (EO)
Hormone Balance (EO)
Lavender (EO)
Lavender Lemon (EO)
Lavender Patchouli (EO)
Lavender Rose (EO)
Lavender Sage (EO)
Lemon (EO)
Lemongrass (EO)
Lilac (F)
Mango Papaya (F)
Nag Champa (F)
Orange Patchouli (EO)
Patchouli (EO)
Peppermint (EO)
Pikake (F)
Pineapple (F)
Pink Grapefruit (EO)
Rose (F)
Rosemary (EO)
Sage (EO)
Salty Sea Breeze (F)
Sinus (EO)
Sleep (EO)
Tea Tree (EO)
Vanilla (F)
Vetiver (EO)
Ylang Ylang (EO)

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