All Natural Deodorant - Vegan Deodorant - Organic Deodorant

All Natural Deodorant - Vegan Deodorant - Organic Deodorant

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♥  Item Details ♥ 

This is an all natural vegan and organic deodorant made with pure ingredients know to absorb sweat and fight microbes naturally.  


Vegan - Organic - Gluten Free - All Natural - Cruelty Free - Soy Free - Hypoallergenic


♥ Organic Coconut Oil - A known skin softener with natural antibacterial qualities
♥ Jojoba Oil - One of the purest oils and naturally antiseptic
♥ Candelilla Wax - A plant protein wax
♥ Organic Arrowroot Powder - Neutralizes odor and known for its drying and absorption of moisture
♥ French Green Clay - All natural clay and excellent moisture absorber and pore tightener
♥ Lemon Balm Essential Oil - Highly antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial with lovely lemon scent - best know for healing lip/mouth sores, it kills microbes that cause underarm odors


Our natural deodorant DOES NOT contains:
- Aluminum
- Parabens
- Dyes, Colors or Perfumes
- Toxic Ingredients
- Sulfates


2 oz. by volume - 3.5 oz. by weight (or) .50 oz. size is also available


Underarm Detox:
If this is your first time using and all natural underarm deodorant, your armpits may go through a mild detox period.  You may need to give your body some time to adjust to this type of natural product, as your body resets the biome (the good bacteria) - if you experience any serious rash, best to discontinue use.  Most people don't experience any problems at all.


If you are not sure if this type of product is for you, purchase the .50 oz. Mini stick and give it a try!


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